The God-factor Sells


I am annoyed. I dislike the way people are using the name of God. In fact, I hate it. What is that?


The first I noticed was from celebrities. I have seen a number of posts on their Facebook pages where they write a motivational Christian message and then slap their photo on the post. “With God, you are always a winner. Say Amen to this”, then you see a picture of this celebrity at the beach accompanying this post. Really? Are you evangelizing or promoting yourself? Am I the only one who has noticed that they are only doing this to gain more likes on their page? Or am I taking life too seriously? Well, yes, if it comes to God, I definitely must.

The politicians are doing the same thing. “God loves Ghana and so he will make sure XYZ wins the election.” Then their supporters respond with a resounding “Amen!”. Puh-leaze! Oh yes, God loves Ghana. Oh yes, He will give us the leader that is best for us. But does this politician really mean what he is saying or he is just saying it because it sells? He will get more nods from his supporters. Am I not right?

Frauds? That is their weapon too! “God has revealed to me that your will get a job in Australia. Pay this money for blah blah.” Thanks, sir for your revelation, but can I please pray about it? If God really has this message for me, dear stranger, you won’t be the only one He will reveal it to.

And then the forwarded Whatsapp messages. I saw one recently that was for SHS graduates. If they forwarded the message, somehow, that was their only ticket to acing their exams. Somehow, God has become so dependent on Whatsapp as we are that He needs them to forward the message before He can bless them. How sorry I feel for the unfortunate graduate who does not have a phone and hence cannot forward the message. How tragic!

What is happening? Does our Christianity have any roots at all? Do we know the God we serve? Do we know what we make Him out to be when we belittle Him by falling for such stunts?

I am hurt by who our God appears to be, a God so weak that only humans can give Him power.

Can we stop selling God so cheaply?

E-commerce : We are getting there!


If you studied an IT-related course in school or work in an IT-related job and you are like me, you want technology to work. Like really work in a very sleek way. You know, sit in the comfort of your house and apply for a passport, check online if ECG “do you yawa” before you get home, simple stuff like that. Nothing sophisticated. E-commerce is definitely a huge part of this. When I see so many e-commerce sites that serve the US, UK, etc, I yearn for the simplicity. And yes, e-commerce is happening. Slow but sure.

I have made a few purchases online before but they have mostly been through the platforms where you call to order the item. You know, the OLXs and the Tonatons. They are doing great, and I love the enthusiasm of their merchants.

Last week though, I tried the other kind where you do the complete ordering and all online. Ideally, no call should happen until you need to be called to confirm the order. First stop was one of the big guys in this space. I choose not to mention their names because working with Kudobuzz, a company that helps companies create and display reviews, I feel the pain of having your name dragged in the mud. Yeah. So back to the story. This order was made on Tuesday. The telephone number in the automatic confirmation email was off. O…kay.

I needed 5 items in all. The first order was made for 1. So well, decided to have another go elsewhere. Visited Franko Trading‘s site. That was after five on Tuesday. Made the order. Got the automatic confirmation email as expected. Since it was past business hours, I did not expect a call so just decided to wait till the next day. But wait, the next day was a holiday. Will I have to wait to Thursday? Sigh.

Franko Trading

But no! They so proved me wrong. By Wednesday morning before 9, they called. I confirmed my order and was informed that I will get my items delivered that day. The delivery guy called later. I got my items in the afternoon. Exactly what I wanted. Receipt and all. I was happy.

Now, mind you, the big guys had still not called yet. I gave it till Friday. I headed to their Facebook page and sent them a message (private message). They replied in good time to ask for my order id. I sent that almost immediately and as we say in Ga, “kɛ ba shi ŋmɛnɛ” (up until now), no show.

Somehow, like a child, I still wanted to trust another big guy. So I made an order for one item on another “big” ecommerce site. The sun was still up when I did, so I guess I should have been called. But no. Ah well. I decided to wait.

By Saturday morning, I had moved on. Got that item on OLX, only because it was sold out on Franko Trading. Ordered the remaining two items from Franko Trading on Saturday about 10. Before 12, I was called to confirm the order. Between 2 and 3, my items had arrived.

The story ends with a call on Monday from big guy number 2. They were finally calling to confirm my order. Like seriously? I informed them that since I hadn’t heard from them, I had ordered from elsewhere. You know what happened? In a very saucy tone, she tells me she called but I did not answer and so she will cancel the order. Bam. She was off. What ever happened to the customer being right always? What happened to a simple apology? Or a kind tone to encourage me to use the platform again? I was shocked oh. I was shocked! I checked my call-log too, no missed call from an unknown number the whole weekend. Sigh.

In truth, Franko Trading will never have been my first option to make an online purchase. No, I have nothing against them. I have bought quite a number of stuff by walking into their store but they just wouldn’t have come to mind. But looks like now, that is about to change. I highly recommend them to you anytime you need to purchase  electronic devices/accessories online.

If you need to buy any other thing online, you probably shouldn’t think the big guys are the only way to go. You should explore more for other vendors you wouldn’t have thought of immediately. Let me know when you find some cool ones.

Oh, yeah. One more bit of my story that I missed. I found this guy on OLX. He had what I needed to buy but says he does not do delivery because he has had a bad experience in the past. The only way I could get what I wanted was to go to his shop at Adabraka. Like seriously? Does this man mean business? Literally? I said I wasn’t interested. Later, after I had moved on, he sends a message saying he is at Spintex with the items. (I stay in Tema) Well sorry sir. The competitive nature of this fast-growing market will not wait for you to heal after your bad experience.

So I am excited. E-commerce is working. Petit á petit, we will get there.

As for those big guys who think they have the money to advertise everywhere but not deliver on what is expected of them…well. Time will tell…

*Disclaimer* : I am not associated with Franko Trading in any way except as a customer. I just believe good things must be praised. 🙂