Mum, I didn’t touch the flour


When I saw the image above, it brought back memories of the crazy things we did as kids that we either successfully or unsuccessfully got away with. Kids will always be kids and it was always a pleasure to think we had outsmarted our parents.

Here is my story. Decide for yourself whether we really did outsmart my parents or they caught us but chose to ignore us.

When I was in class 4, we made caramel in school using milk and sugar. It was very exciting so after telling my sister, we decided to try our hands on it as well when we got home.
Dad picked us up and dropped us at home but unfortunately, the gas was finished. He took the cylinder to go and refill it. We were so eager to try out our caramel that we couldn’t wait. We had been warned not to put on the coal pot on our own but we did just that. We used kerosene so we would have the fire set as quickly as possible.

Just when the fire was almost set, Dad returned. Ei bei! Were we hot! What were we to do? At that time, we lived in a two-storey building with two families – we were at the top. We carried the coal pot to a corner downstairs and put paper on it to hide the fire. How smart!

Daddy came up to drop the gas cylinder and smelt the kerosene. He asked us what happened and we said we couldn’t even smell it ourselves. Hehe. Well…after doing checks up and down, I guess he decided it was probably nothing and left. We stayed upstairs without following him with the intention to pick the coal pot up once he left. We waited and waited but we didn’t hear his car start. Several minutes later, he came and told us of how someone may have wanted to cause a fire because he had seen fire in the coalpot. We acted so surprised. He was so worried and even asked another woman we shared a compound with if she had seen any one. It was so mysterious to the adults but no one suspected us because we were such good children.

Later, as dad reported the incident to Mum, we had to keep a straight face eh! Today, when I reflect on the incident, I realise how much danger we put ourselves in all for the love of homemade caramel. We thank God for keeping us safe. Considering how much risk we take as kids without knowing we have gone overboard with being adventurous, I can just conclude that grace really does keep us.

So what do you think? Our parents knew, but kept quiet? Or they did not suspect us in the least?

How about you? Did something crazy in your childhood? Share with us in the comments below.

The God-factor Sells


I am annoyed. I dislike the way people are using the name of God. In fact, I hate it. What is that?


The first I noticed was from celebrities. I have seen a number of posts on their Facebook pages where they write a motivational Christian message and then slap their photo on the post. “With God, you are always a winner. Say Amen to this”, then you see a picture of this celebrity at the beach accompanying this post. Really? Are you evangelizing or promoting yourself? Am I the only one who has noticed that they are only doing this to gain more likes on their page? Or am I taking life too seriously? Well, yes, if it comes to God, I definitely must.

The politicians are doing the same thing. “God loves Ghana and so he will make sure XYZ wins the election.” Then their supporters respond with a resounding “Amen!”. Puh-leaze! Oh yes, God loves Ghana. Oh yes, He will give us the leader that is best for us. But does this politician really mean what he is saying or he is just saying it because it sells? He will get more nods from his supporters. Am I not right?

Frauds? That is their weapon too! “God has revealed to me that your will get a job in Australia. Pay this money for blah blah.” Thanks, sir for your revelation, but can I please pray about it? If God really has this message for me, dear stranger, you won’t be the only one He will reveal it to.

And then the forwarded Whatsapp messages. I saw one recently that was for SHS graduates. If they forwarded the message, somehow, that was their only ticket to acing their exams. Somehow, God has become so dependent on Whatsapp as we are that He needs them to forward the message before He can bless them. How sorry I feel for the unfortunate graduate who does not have a phone and hence cannot forward the message. How tragic!

What is happening? Does our Christianity have any roots at all? Do we know the God we serve? Do we know what we make Him out to be when we belittle Him by falling for such stunts?

I am hurt by who our God appears to be, a God so weak that only humans can give Him power.

Can we stop selling God so cheaply?