Where would you be in 15 years?


A few days ago, I was heading home when I met a man who knew me by my name and happened to know all my family as well. He had a very familiar face. After a few minutes, I got to know how he we knew each other. He was the cobbler (shoeshine boy) who used to come by our house regularly to polish our shoes about 15 years ago! He told his cobbler stand is currently at the bus stop. I smiled, had a brief chat with him and left.

15 years

As I left however, he got me thinking. Why should someone be working on shoes for fifteen+ years and his only ‘upgrade’ is a kiosk at a bus stop?

Or consider the bag repairer who told my mum that he used to sew bags for GNTC back in the 80s. Do you know where he is today? He is repairing bags by the roadside with a tiny, barely visible sign board.

I thought about these and concluded that being too content has been the killer for these two people. A cobbler walks from neighbourhood to neighbourhood seeking to make at least 5 cedis in order that he can feed himself that day. After hitting his target, he doesn’t go on to do more. He seemly closes for the day, grabs some food and joins his friends around the single television in the market to enjoy a good football match.

I am not in any way suggesting that relaxing is bad. Or maybe, one ought to break his back as he works each day. I only think many of us (including myself) tend to be too content with the little we achieve and do not push ourselves to do more.

We all know our true comfort zones and our true limits. Challenge yourself more. 15 years is too long not to have a significant change in earnings or status.

The next time the lazy bug bites you, ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in 15 years?”

Wake up and do more!