Where hides the child in us?


It was a Sunday afternoon and I attended a wedding reception at church. It was an invite-only adult-only reception. On entering the hall, I realized the room was hot so I opted to sit outside until the distribution of refreshment. After all, isn’t that why we all go for receptions? 🙂

Naturally, I had nothing more exciting to do than to fidget with my phone and watch as others went in and out of the reception.


At a point, I heard a small voice say, “Dzifa, come and let’s go.” Since I am called Dzifa, this caught my attention, although I knew I was not the one she was addressing. I noticed a child not older than seven holding the hand of a younger child and pulling her away from the hall.

A woman with them, their aunt/mum asked in anger where they were going. To this, the older child responded, “They say children is not among.”  I smiled. But then it got me thinking.

I don’t know how she had heard about being uninvited even before her aunt/mum had. But amazingly, she had just accepted this and was going away peacefully with Dzifa. Imagine she was ten years older, about seventeen. Imagine she was your age or my age. Will she do this? I know for sure that I definitely wouldn’t. My first action will be to ask aunt/mum why I am not allowed in and try to prove I deserve to be in.

Oh, yes. That was her aunt/mum’s reaction anyway. She was very upset at this rule. Why should she be given an invite but not be allowed to have her kids come along with her? She complained about this for a while and then asked the random lady sitting outside (yours truly :)) if she could leave the children with her for a while. I agreed, assuring her that I will be out there for a while.

Dzifa, the older girl (Joana, I came to know) and two others were left in my care. They screamed, played, talked…you know, did the things children have fun with.

At a point, Joana says, “If Sunday school was open, like we will go and play there and when the parents have finish, then we will go” (Joana’s grammar, not mine)

This young lady made me smile again. No care in the world. No desperation to be at the reception. She was just thinking of ways to occupy herself.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow in life, the child in us gets hidden. We lose our simplicity and trust. We worry about everything and assign reasons to why we are treated one way or the other.

Growth is necessary. Reflecting on the reasons why life happens this way or that is necessary. But sometimes, let’s be Joana. Let’s be simple, happy and free.

Be the child you once were once in a while in life. Life is too short to worry about everything.